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As we say every year, “Wow! I can’t experiences that shape us to believe the holidays are near!” grow and take us to another level I’m always amazed on how time of love, compassion, empathy, seems to fly by each year. For me, confidence and self-worth. All this time comes with feelings of elements that make our world a celebration and disappointments. better place. I look back and see how far my businesses have developed, my Last Fall we had our 2nd Annual family has grown and the lessons Mom Entrepreneur Success I’ve learned from my experiences. Conference. It was such an inspirational and heart-filled day.

For many, the tendency is to to see so many hard-working look at what wasn’t completed or accomplished and not really celebrate what went right. I think it’s good practice to see where and why we fell short in reaching some of our goals, but I also believe that reviewing the accomplishments is just as important. In addition, being thankful for the journey that shapes us into becoming the type of person we are meant to be in this world is the foundation of an abundant and happy life.

This year, let’s celebrate our journey for what it is..and passionate business people connecting and growing to take their lives to another level.

In the opening ceremony, we displayed one of my favorite quotes that capture the core of my message.

A strong woman knows she has strength enough for the journey, but a woman of strength knows it is the journey where she will become strong.” – CJ Lewis

NAFBM wishes you a fulfilled and blessed holiday season!

Jennifer Griner, Editor In Chief

Back to school typically means back to structure. As Moms, we tend to breathe a sigh of relief and accomplishment once the kids are off to school. And, many times, we need a vacation from our vacations! So, when the kids excitedly or drudgingly go back to the classrooms, take this time to reward yourself.

I say, within the first week of school, do something for yourself… schedule a massage, mani & pedi for your nails, take a different yoga or dance class you’ve never done before or read all the inspiring stories in The Balanced Mom Magazine! Do something for you.

Not only will you and your soul enjoy the time, but it will also prepare you for the school year. I see it like a trade-off. The kids get school supplies and new shoes, while you get pampered by doing something just for you.

Here’s to the next school year! Remember to breathe, love yourself, prioritize and pick your battles.

Enjoy your Fall issue!


Jennifer Griner, Editor In Chief

Jennifer GrinerThe season of Summer brings to us thoughts of vacations, warmth or heat waves, pool parties and backyard barbeques.

It is right in the middle of the year, between the first half of working and striving to accomplish what we set out to do and the second half of finishing the year off with a bang!

With that said, Summer gives us an opportunity (only if we’ll take it) to breathe, take time for ourselves to reflect on and celebrate what we’ve accomplished so far and think about what hasn’t been working for us in order to readjust and realign as necessary.

I love Summer. It is my favorite season, because it reminds me to pause, reflect and realign to get myself back on the right path for the rest of the year. And since I love the hot weather in Southern California, it also makes me want to play more causing the creative juices to flow!

My wish is that you use the season of Summer as an opportunity to go inside yourself, pause all that mental chatter so that your mind and heart open up to receive clarity and the messages or whispers that typically tend to get ignored during the busyness of life, but is so instrumental in guiding you to your personal path of purpose.

Take the time to be still and to listen to your whispers. They are your guiding light.

Wishing you safe travels, fun and fulfilling connections with family and friends and peaceful pauses to replenish and renew your soul.

I love the season of Spring because it signifies Alive-ness, Freshness, Starting Anew, bright colors and emerging out of “hibernation” to live life at a higher level than before. For me, it also means that we are closer to warm and hot days, which is my favorite type of weather. The warmth of the sun, the green grass and bright Spring flowers brings an energy around us that makes us want to accomplish more.

This is the perfect time to shift or refocus. No matter how busy life gets, make your #1 priority YOU – your wellness and life balance. I believe this to be the utmost importance. Why? When you take care of you and are aware of keeping your life-balance, you will be a more effective Mom, wife, business/career woman, friend, etc. On the other hand, if you leave yourself last and empty for too long, you will have nothing left to give. You can’t give out what you don’t have.

So, let’s make this Spring Time Promise that you put yourself first and you take into account your own well-being and life-balance. Do things that you love, laugh, be active, spend some quiet time, read inspiring things, take some cleansing deep breaths and spend your minutes and days on purpose. This will shift the tone in everything you do and with everyone in your life, especially your kids. Ultimately, they will learn the importance of self-care, treasuring their own spirit and loving themselves enough to take the time for their life-balance.

They learn this not be hearing your advice and life lessons, but by seeing the happiness in your eyes and feeling the love and peace that you bring into the home. They will FEEL it intrinsically.

So, let’s toast to the promise! May you all have a wonderful, renewed Spring season with peace, balance and many blessings for you and those you love.

Enjoy your Spring issue!

Taking this Season Up a Notch
Jennifer Griner ‘Tis the season for cozy times with family, hot chocolate with toasted marshmallows and making new memories of happiness, gratitude and giving.

We all know the typical stories of the hustle and bustle of the holidays. Most of us dread the winter months because of that mental connection and the old thought patterns of spending more or spending beyond our means in order to make people “happy.”

This season, I challenge everyone to look beyond the holiday wish lists and create other gift-giving alternatives that would make a difference in other peoples’ lives while making lasting memories as a family. All the shiny electronics and the sugar-filled goodies are still wonderful things to give and receive, but it’s time to take this season up a notch by doing something different for the community and / or your family as a unit.

Make the holidays a time that fulfills your heart and nourishes your soul, instead of feeling spent, broke and exhausted. Take the time to shift the to-do lists, the holiday plans, the decorating and the budget in order to make room for what is really important to you and your family. Write down 3-5 things you want to do to have your “Mom me-time” and the family quality time this holiday. Shift your focus around those things and celebrate in gratitude. After all, teaching our children what the holidays are truly about is one of the most important gifts we can give them.

Living a life of balance means living with purpose and choosing to do things that truly fulfills your core values.

The team at NAFBM wishes you a holiday season of family togetherness, heart-filled gratitude and selfless giving.

Jennifer Griner


Fall Gratitude - Editor's Letter

I believe life should be lived as a series of celebrations – big and small. Celebrating different levels of milestones, accomplishments, transitions and even baby steps taken each day. It is the focusing on the now, your purpose and living in gratitude that makes happiness and balance a real lifestyle.

The Fall season brings many reasons to celebrate, such as, surviving another summer and the first day of school for our kids. As we enjoy and anticipate the back-to-school “season”, take time to celebrate how the summer went. Make the first week of school a time for you as a mom to do something fun, relaxing and inspiring. Choose a Spa Day, get a massage, enjoy a mani & pedi, get your hair done a little different, sign up for an inspirational workshop, have a small Mom’s night out or even a date night with your significant other.

Yes, we have lots to do, but we also deserve and need time for ourselves to take care of our own health and well-being. Throughout all the interviews and features we’ve done for this magazine, the number one advice that keeps popping up is the airplane analogy. Place your own oxygen mask on before you put your kids’ mask on. Why do we forget to do this on a regular basis? Do we really need to wait for an emergency situation (i.e. a health scare, a break-down, family crisis, marriage crisis, etc.) to occur in order for us to put ourselves first so that we can be more attentive and effectively take care of our family and everything else?

This issue is a celebration of Mom Entrepreneurs as we boldly move ahead, charging forward and taking more control of our lives. It is about believing in yourself, being that role-model for your kids, living your passion and purpose and making a difference in so many people’s lives. It is also about living the dream in real balance and keeping your core values in place by leaving that “Super Mom” expectation behind to be the best Mom you can be.

The Mom Entrepreneur Success Conference in September will be an experience like no other. As working moms, we juggle so much to make things happen. This event gives moms the opportunity to meet other like-minded business women and to finally realize the strengths we already have inside of us and bring it out in our daily lives to attract success in our business and families.

After all, being a great mom is not about doing it all, it’s about being your all.

Jennifer Griner