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Winter 2013

Celebrating the Journey

As we say every year, “Wow! I can’t experiences that shape us to believe the holidays are near!” grow and take us to another level I’m always amazed on how time of love, compassion, empathy, seems to fly by each year. For me, confidence and self-worth. All this time comes with feelings of elements... Read more

Erica Rood

by Erica Rood, M.Ed. What mother does not want her daughter to feel good about herself? To feel capable, worthwhile, content with who she is, and confident in where she is going? Research has shown that mothers play a significant role in the development of their daughter’s self esteem. Mothers are the ultimate role models for their daughters. The values and attitudes they model and teach are internalized by... Read more

by Jill Hope As a mom, the joy you can experience during the holidays is second only to the joy your children feel. I always watch from a place of wonder and deep appreciation as my son embraces the family traditions we’ve created, enjoys his school holiday parties, delights in decorating cookies, and sings in his school holiday performance.  Read more

Jamie Leff

by Jamie Leff What is the first thing you think about when someone asks you, “What is your favorite thing about the holidays?” Often, I get answers such as, “Grandma’s Yams, Uncle Bill’s prize winning gravy or Mom’s World Famous Latkes;” basically, anything that has to do with food! It is not surprising that people put on weight over the holidays.... everything usually revolves around something edible or drinkable. There is the baking, the holiday parties,... Read more

Monick Halm

by Monick Halm The holidays are a wonderful time, but they can do some serious damage to our finances if we are not careful! Commercials, print ads and those holiday movies and TV shows can put a lot of pressure on us mamas to make the perfect (in other words, expensive) holiday. Overspending and creating new debt is a common problem and always leads to some... Read more

Nancy Mueller

by Nancy Mueller I remember the first time my baby smiled at me; it filled me up in a way that words cannot describe. As my baby got older, my most important goal was to make her life happy. I soon realized that there were many things I would have to learn to be the best mom I could be. I had to learn about nutrition, fevers, happy tears, sad tears, fears, wants, needs, when to give in, when to stay firm, but never how to love; that came easy. The job... Read more

Ashley Arn

by Dr. Ashley Arn, PsyD The holidays can be an amazing time for relationships... and simultaneously a disastrous time as well! Some of us moms relish in the idea of family time, while others would prefer to get away to Hawaii. Family get-togethers can quickly become... Read more

Kenia Cueto

by Kenia Cueto Can you imagine this coming holiday without your family’s traditional dish? Some would say the special occasion would lose much of its significance without the meal. Whether traditional meal items carry a religious or traditional mean- ing, foods tend to elevate the occasion to another level of significance. As music changes the ambiance of an... Read more


by Shaila Saint, M.ED and Mollie Bennett We are in the final days of September as this article is submitted. So let’s back to school?...check. Some sort of a system and schedule in place for extra curricular activities? least half a check. So can we take a breath and get to know our new driving routes, before being lured off the road to buy Halloween costumes, turkey roasters, and Hanukkah napkins? Not likely. The unrelenting marketing madness... Read more

Great Holiday Cookie Exchange

Bake something different and out-of-the ordinary!   Click the cookie images to get the recipes.     1. Chocolate Truffle Peppermint Kiss Cookies (Gluten / Nut / Soy Free!)  Read more

Past Articles

Back to school typically means back to structure. As Moms, we tend to breathe a sigh of relief and accomplishment once the kids are off to school. And, many times, we need a vacation from our vacations! So, when the kids excitedly or drudgingly go back to the classrooms, take this time to reward... Read more

by Monick Halm The most important factor for making, having, and growing money has nothing to do with techniques or know-how. Your money mindset has the biggest influence on your finances. In other words, how you think about money is the biggest determinant of how you create and treat the money you have. The money lessons that you receive as a child often dictate your money mindset (for better or for ill). As a mom, it’s particularly important for ourselves and for our children to have the healthiest money... Read more

by Nancy Mueller Let’s explore a typical day for the mom who works outside of the home. Her “To Do” list includes: waking up, getting herself ready, wakes the family, makes sure the lunches are packed, homework is finished, paperwork is signed, gets the kids to school, puts in a full day’s work, runs errands on her lunch hour (with lunch usually on the go), picks the kids up from school, drives them to their sporting event, remembers that she is scheduled to bring the team snack, runs to the grocery store, runs... Read more

by Emma Santizo, LCSW and Tara Farajian, LCSW Here we are again and you are probably shopping for school supplies with your kids to get ready to start a new grade and/ or adjust to a new school. There are many transitions when kids go back to school such as, having new expectations from their new teacher(s) and meeting new friends. However, they are not the only ones getting... Read more

by Shaila Saint, M.Ed. Fall is here, which means it’s time to shake off the summertime cobwebs, and slowly begin to re-establish the rituals and routines of the new school year. And if your household is anything like ours, this will definitely include ridding ourselves of the summer junk food fare and re-establishing healthy eating habits and regular family mealtimes. Research shows that children who consistently eat dinner with their families do better in school, develop better lifelong eating habits and are less... Read more

by Monick Halm The most important factor for making, having, and growing money has nothing to do with techniques or know-how. Your money mindset has the biggest influence on your finances. In other words, how you think about money is the biggest determinant of how you create and treat the money you have. The money lessons that you receive as a child often dictate your money mindset (for better or for ill). As a mom, it’s particularly important for ourselves and for our children to have the healthiest money... Read more

by Kenia Hernandez-Cueto California is one of the most sought after destinations in the world for travelers. Its landscape is as diverse as the popula- tion inhabiting it. With its increasingly growing ethnic groups, California has grown to be the melting pot of the world. Families flock to vacation spots throughout the state to seek multiple cultural experiences in its diverse demographic make-up the likes of a trip around the world. They could experience the refreshing touch of the expansive California Pacific Ocean... Read more

by Dr. Ashley Arn, PsyD As a Mompreneur myself, I totally understand how crazy busy life is ALL the time. Unfortunately, this usually means that we don’t spend very much time with our partners. The biggest complaint I hear from friends and clients is “We don’t have any time to spend together.” None of the people in my life are lying about this. As a Mompreneur, it is so insanely easy to get caught up in the constant chatter that we hear about what we “should” be doing with our partners, children, and business. Mompreneurs are taught to feel guilty... Read more

Seven quotes that inspire these Moms to live a purposeful life everyday.  Read more

The season of Summer brings to us thoughts of vacations, warmth or heat waves, pool parties and backyard barbeques. It is right in the middle of the year, between the first half of working and striving to accomplish what we set out to do and the second half of... Read more

As unique as each Mom, each getaway destination is fit for some MomMe-time, R&R and Rejuvenation. Which is your favorite?  Read more

by Shaila Saint With summer almost upon us, how many of us are figuring out the countless ways to keep our kiddos happy over the next few months? Whether planning happy family vacations, happy camp experiences, or making sure they’ll enjoy every minute of their visit to “The Happiest Place on Earth”, we parents sure go to great lengths to keep our kids happy, don’t we? A web search I did on “raising happy children” came up with 39,300,000 results, so it must be important. In fact, a favorite exercise in my... Read more

by Shira Adatto The weather is getting hotter... are you? I used to dread summer, and not because of the warm weather. Just the thought of having to get into a bathing suit made me cringe. It wasn’t until one summer when I looked at a photo of myself and realized the not-so-slim woman in the picture was myself that I finally got tired of being uncomfortable in my own skin. At that moment, it really clicked for me. As painful as it was, that photo made me realize that I needed to make a... Read more

by Emma Santizo and Tara Farajian While female leaders such as Huffington and Sandberg help shape the national conversation about “worklife balance,” a growing number of working mothers want to work full-time, according to a Pew Social Trends survey released last week. The report found that 37 percent of working... Read more

by Tiffany Yelverton The skin is the largest organ of our body. Everyday, we spend more and more money on health and wellness products, making it a more than a trillion dollar industry. But what are we putting on our skin, or even in the most absorbent areas of our bodies, our intimate parts? The chemicals found in personal care, sexual wellness and beauty products pass through the skin, tissues and membranes and into the blood stream where they are carried throughout the body. Our magnificent bodies are on toxicity overload, storing the toxins... Read more

by Jamie Leff It’s summertime! Which means warmer weather and outside activities. Kids love to run around, play sports, and stay active in the summer time. It’s important to keep your family hydrated this summer. One common complaint I get from my clients is that they can’t seem to get their kids to stay hydrated. They do not like the taste of water, so they just won’t drink enough of it. Here are some fun and easy tips to make sure you and your family are getting the... Read more

by Georgia Theodorou It’s almost summer and the question is - Have you accomplished your goal of getting organized? Was this goal one of your New Year’s Resolutions? Do you still have one of those “How To” books on your table? Don’t worry. It’s not too late to get started and get going. With today’s busy moms, life can get very hectic from balancing work and family obligations to juggling the kids’ school and outside activities. Just trying to find the time to relax is extremely challenging. The road to a more balanced life can be accomplished once your home, work and daily routines are in... Read more

by Kenia Cueto Planning for the Unexpected Via an Education Life is an unpredictable journey with a dose of unexpected curve balls at every corner. It is no wonder many moms find it difficult to return to college strapped with the multifaceted duties of home and work. Most moms take on their role as parent and family supporter with pleasure and humility, leaving behind their personal needs. Raising their families comes first while their personal goals are set on the back burner. Instinctively, the thought of... Read more

I love the season of Spring because it signifies Alive-ness, Freshness, Starting Anew, bright colors and emerging out of “hibernation” to live life at a higher level than before. For me, it also means that we are closer to warm and hot days, which is my favorite type of weather. The warmth of the sun, the green grass and bright Spring flowers brings an energy around us that makes us want to accomplish more. This is the perfect time to shift or refocus. No matter how busy life gets, make your #1 priority YOU – your wellness and life balance. I believe this to be the utmost importance. Why? When you take... Read more

The following is a story of a mom who after having tried to become pregnant for several years found her family welcoming twin boys into the world this past October. She is well accomplished in her career and was returning back to work after... Read more

"Mommy, I need to go potty!” “Hey Mom, can I stay after school with Joe?” “Mooooom, I am huuuuungry.” “Why can’t we stop and get French fries?” “Mom, I can’t find my glasses, oh, and I am out of lunch money.” “Ick, Mother... Read more

As a busy mom, I know that how I manage my time, focus my energy and where I place my effort has a tremendous effect on how my family functions. I discovered the best thing I can do for my family is spend some part of each day focused exclusively on me,... Read more

How should I feel about my children playing with weapons?” This question, so commonly asked by concerned parents, has understandably gotten even more significant, given the multiple mass shooting tragedies of last... Read more

It’s no secret that our homes are extensions of ourselves. We begin and end our day here. We entertain friends here and enjoy special moments with family, creating memories along the way.... Read more

Moms wear many hats. They are not only moms, but wives, entrepreneurs, they play doctor, taxi driver, math tutor, they cook and clean. Moms basically run the show, making sure their families are well taken care of. But how often do they have time for themselves? I work with a lot of moms, and it’s the same story: “I know I shouldn’t eat the chocolate, but I just can’t help myself. I see it and I have to have it. I just can’t stop.” One of the biggest struggles I see is that most women (moms especially), just can’t seem to... Read more

7 cute, comfy and sassy spring styles for Moms on the go. Whatever the occasion or errands for the day, here are some top picks from leading Mom blogs and websites. What’s your favorite? Pin your favorite style on Pinterest and enter the hashtag #nafbmmomfashions with your comments!  Read more

‘Tis the season for cozy times with family, hot chocolate with toasted marshmallows and making new memories of happiness, gratitude and giving. We all know the typical stories of the hustle and... Read more

It’s Saturday morning, 8:43am, and I’m in yoga class balancing in halfmoon pose and trying to find an hour of respite from the pre-holiday planning and madness. As the burning and shaking in my standing leg is about to cause me to crumble to the... Read more

Cookies and chocolate and pie – oh my! Eggnog, champagne and wine – divine! The holiday season is officially here! There is excitement, stress, and for most of us, lots and lots of eating. Many of you are traveling, or have at least departed from any sense of normal. As the majority of us know... Read more

I open the door. In comes the treasured guest. In her hands are her gifts the gift of time and far-seeing moments, the gift of nourishment and wisdom, the gift of caring and knowledge, the gift of change and self. She must have searched her soul for gifts as precious as these. ~Unknown  Read more

Do you dread attending social events and meeting new people? Do you want to build your social self-confidence? With the holidays approaching and the endless opportunities of events, this is a great time to practice your... Read more

The holidays can sometimes seem overwhelming. However they are also the perfect time to give yourself permission to create bliss in your home. When our home isn’t as beautiful and functional as we want it to be, there’s a negative reaction... Read more

The holidays are usually about family, fun and food...lots and lots of food! Last I read, the average person gains about 7 pounds over the holidays (the “holidays” being defined as Thanksgiving to New Year’s). However, this does not need to be the case. Studies... Read more

Whether it be your bedroom, bathroom or home office, remember to set aside a time and place for yourself during the hustle and bustle of the holiday season. Get some ideas for your “Mom... Read more

  I believe life should be lived as a series of celebrations – big and small. Celebrating different levels of milestones, accomplishments, transitions and even baby steps taken each day. It is the focusing on the now, your purpose and... Read more

With so many women joining the workforce from home, recently I began to think about the many different ways to create an office at home and what we need when doing so. Ideally, those who work from... Read more

Are you a busy stay-at-home mom, mompreneur or working mom who is usually on the go and doesn’t have a lot of time, but still has a desire to make healthy living a priority? Busy mom. I chuckle because the term itself is probably redundant. I mean let’s face it, what mom isn’t busy and constantly juggling a million things? We are the masters of multi-tasking. On the... Read more

Has this ever happened to you? You have a list of things to do and all of them get done except that one big project. Day after day, you make your list and... Read more

At the end of another jampacked day, do you think about everything you’ve accomplished? Or do you find yourself tossing, turning and stressing over what didn’t get done? Unfortunately too many of us with an entrepreneurial spirit internalize “You can do anything you... Read more

It is only 7 am on Tuesday and you are already feeling overwhelmed! Your long list of things to do include dropping the kids off at school, picking up the dry cleaning, meeting with your web designer, taking care of your customers, developing a new product, picking the kids back up... Read more

How often do you relax during the day? Is your time spent relaxing productive and valuable? Take a moment to think about the above questions. In this article, we will break down each question and pinpoint why they are important to you. We will give... Read more

Hold on to your pencil boxes, because the Back to School season has arrived! One of the annual activities at our house this time of year involves taking stock and stocking up. Whether it’s classroom supplies, school uniforms, or physical exams, the fall always seems to be... Read more

To adapt to the challenges of the recession, to create more flexible work schedules, and circumvent the limits of a male dominated corporate culture, women are starting businesses and becoming self-employed.... Read more

When summer is in full swing, people are more than happy to take advantage of the great weather, bright sun and outdoor activities! It gives us a chance to explore and reconnect, not only with people we may not see as often as we’d like, but also with the outdoors and ourselves.  Read more

Summer is birthday season for my boys. Conor, the Leo, begins his third year of teenager–hood this summer, while Kiki, the Cancer, enters his second year in the world of double digits. Despite the unbelievable speed of these developments, many things about their birthdays have remained constant throughout the years: the candles blown out on Krispy Kremes instead of cakes, the birthday morning treasure hunt for presents, and their tireless... Read more

We are so fortunate in Southern California to have beautiful weather throughout the year and the natural beauty of mountain ranes to the ocean side surrounding us. All beautiful settings to fall in love in, but many times we can find ourselves in the busy pace of life asking… “where is the love?” Read more

Most adults associate childhood with carefree-living and having no worries. As parents, we have lived through the challenges of childhood, and we know the outcome of most daily situations, but as a child, everything is new. They do not know the outcome. From going to a doctor’s office, to overhearing a dispute between their parents, these issues seem minor to an adult, but can be intense in the eyes of a child. As hard as we try we cannot keep them from these feelings. They are going to... Read more

If you’re like millions of Americans, you woke up on January 1st and vowed to turn over a new leaf - run three miles a day, lose a pound a week, cut out sugar, save $200 a week, whatever. You actually imagined a better you and felt a sense of excitement to start your “new you” journey. But then, come late January or early February, 3 miles a day turned into 1 mile a week, you stopped being able to resist those M&M’s on your co-workers desk. In other words, you slipped back into your... Read more